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Perfecting Your Skin

Traditional facials include an assortment of treatments such as exfoliation, masks, and a variety of applied creams and lotions, but often leave you with the same results. You might have one day of radiant skin followed by weeks of deteriorated results. If you want more than a superficial outcome, try a facial that penetrates deep in your skin for lasting results. Our laser facial methods at Bare It All Laser can give you the skin you have wanted.

Results from laser facials:

  • Decrease redness
  • Diminish appearance of scars
  • Even skin texture
  • Smaller pores
  • Wrinkle reduction

Rejuvenate your look and let your skin glow beautifully with the advances of modern technology. Achieve younger, healthier looking skin without surgery that last. Lasers treat a range of skin conditions and irritations, so speak to our trained professionals at (929) 251-2789 to see if you are a candidate for our Forest Hills laser treatment.

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